How We Roll at Savage Legend

Hi reader(s), it’s been a while since I posted. Seeing as we only game in the winter and that game dates are getting more and more difficult to arrange we don’t play as often as we like. I just wanted to share a couple of photos from yesterday’s session, which saw us completing Steve Foster’s compelling scenario “Freeze Thy Blood Less Coldly“, an epic tale of Old Gods and treacherous trolls – great low fantasy. The Savage World conversion was easy and I’ll be happy to share if anyone is interested.

Let’s start with our gaming aids; I picked up a load of 15 mm glass beads cheaply from Amazon a couple of years ago. The red are wound markers, the yellows have been painted with “S”, “T” or “i” to indicate Shaken, Taunted or Intimidated respectively. Moving anti-clockwise we then we have Bennies, Fatigue markers, spare dice and then spare assorted other markers. The clear ones are used for invisibility, for example.Markers Galore

Trying to work out the puzzle that will allow them access to Yestor’s tomb. I know that some groups hate puzzles, mine love them and it’s a challenge to keep coming up with new ones. The kids (13 years old at the time of writing) are particularly adept at solving them.


The markers in action. Here one of the myconids and a knight are Shaken. The figure flats are home-brew. I used to use (well, still do) a load of the Arion Games paper minis as a cheap way of putting figures on the table. Now I’ve created a few empty templates and trawl the interwebs for suitable images. Normally I’ll do two mirror images of a ‘borrowed’ picture for left and right and then a silhouette for the back.


Progressing through the tomb, the pile of defeated enemies is mounting. Savage World gamers will recognise a couple of elements here; the Action Deck as well as the Adventure Deck in use. We use custom character sheets, HeroLab for NPCs and each player has a small quick-reference index card showing standard boni. We found that they were forgetting the knight’s Command edge, for example, so they’ve noted on these cards that they all have +1 on Shaken rolls.

IMG_8231The troll queen, Aramriogh, has just cast a mirror self spell (I made it up on the spot, I know it’s not in the Savage Worlds canon of Powers). Her second move was to enslave their tank with Puppet, nearly leading to the assassin’s demise a couple of rounds later. They thought that they’d defeated her, but forgot that trolls need to be burned or beheaded, so we had a second round of combat, until Pelesar thought of using Yestor’s mace.

Needless to say, coffee and cake are also integral parts of Savage Legend.


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