Monastery Raid

A Savage Heist variant.

If the party choose the stealth route, getting to the cloister requires 6 Stealth successes. Each round have the PCs draw a card; if the card is a club, consult the table below. Obtaining a monk’s robe or other disguise should add +2 to Stealth rolls.

Once they arrive in the cloister, they will have to make a Survival check to correctly identify wolfsbane from among the other plants growing on St. Avalloc’s grave.

St. Avalloc: Clubs Table






Service over; a door in front of you suddenly opens and 18 monks walk out


-4 Agility to dodge or swerve; +18 followers


You walk into a flock of roosting pigeons which ‘explode’ in a flap of wings

-2; on fail 2 monks investigate (2 rounds to make yourself scarce)

-2 to both parties


Two monks walk by on the other side of the cloister

-2; on fail 2 rounds to make yourself scarce

Join chase


Two monks pass right in front of you

-2; on fail fight

-2 Agility roll to dodge; join chase


Kick the bucket – you just put your foot in the bucket causing a loud noise


-2 Agility roll


Locked door blocks your path

Lose 2 Successes to retrace steps.

-4 Agility roll


Walk in the light; you have to cross a well-lit open area



Mutual surprise; you run slap bang into a monk who is just as surprised as you are

Both -2 Agility; 1 more pursuer


You hear or see a door opening in front of you

Agility roll at -1


Roof access; you see an opportunity to take things up a level and climb up onto the closter roof. The monks will try to continue on the ground

Climbing roll

Climbing roll at -2

Getting Out

As soon as the PCs pick the wolfsbane, they are spotted by two monks who will give chase. Remember that the monks are mute. If using the SW:EX chase rules (which I recommend for this encounter), give the PCs a 2 Range Increment head start. Have the PCs draw a card each round. If it’s a club, consult the table above.

If any PCs are caught by the monks, they will be imprisoned. The monks will then deliberate for a period of the time to be determined by the GM. Persuasion rolls can be taken into account.

(inspired by Savage Worlds ‘Daring Tales of Adventure’ series)

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