Clearing a Mine

Opening the door to the mine is relatively easy given a couple of hours and some brute force. Behind the door is a large open chamber with a horizontal mine shaft extending from the back. The mine shaft is full of rubble and prop pits which have been burned by fire. The dwarves have left a pile of shovels and picks, every one of which has a broken shaft.

The first task will be to re-haft the picks and shovels, involving obtaining wood and tooling it appropriately. The wood can be sourced locally, suitable Repair rolls to craft (approx. ½ day).

Then the shaft needs to be cleared. It is envisioned that this task will take several days.

Dramatic Task: cooperative Strength; roll 2x per day, 8 Successes needed. After this they will be able to access the mine proper. Anyone rolling a Critical Fail is caught in a rockfall for 2d6 damage, obliterating 1 Success in the process.

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