Wilderness Exploration

Combining exploration and food supply (standard SWD rules).

The Abandoned Mine

There is an abandoned (dwarven) mine four days north-east of Uskford that used to produce small quantities of quicksilver. There are three problems with the mine; there’s a troll occupying the pass between Uskford and the mountains, the location of the mine is uncertain and the mine has been abandoned and collapsed due to some dangerous creatures.

Trouble at the Pass

Finding the mine is going to require some exploration and may take some time. The party must first find the mountain pass; twice per day make a Survival roll to find the pass – 4 Successes needed to find it.

The pass is watched over by 4 trolls (SWD).

Finding the Mine

The only description of the mine’s location that the party have is of a significant outcrop of rock known to the inhabitants of Uskford as Teirw Pen (bull’s head) and to the dwarves of the Pagan mountains as Dor Kharad (Kharad’s Watch).

From the pass they then need to find the mine; 8(!) Survival Successes needed.

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