Who’s Lady Trelwyn?

This had to be the quote of the evening. The party are trying to travel across Cornumbria incognito as they are escorting a minor princess from Dun Falas to meet her prospective husband in Albion. Arriving at an inn at the end of the first day their plan to remain anonymous was scuppered by the party’s knight, Sir Elathan. A travelling minstrel was showing too much curiosity and thought that he recognised Lady Caitlin (the princess’ name). The rest of the party tried to fob the bard off with a story that ‘no, this wasn’t Lady Caitlin, it’s her very similar looking cousin Lady Trelwyn’. Thereupon Elathan (who hadn’t been paying a great deal of attention at this stage): “Who’s Lady Trelwyn?”

Needless to say, the player will not be allowed to forget this for a number of years to come…

Gaming anecdotes aside, our second outing with Savage Legend was a complete success even though the closest we came to combat was when of the Fir Darrig (a.k.a. bloody annoying little Irish gits) stabbed Sir Elathan in the hand when he caught one of them trying to steal his purse – not generally an advisable thing to do as Sir Elathan is rather attached to his cash.

Much social Skill rolling, lots of Notices and then a Vigor check in the morning to see whether anyone was Fatigued from the restless night of shenanigans. Quite a few Lore/Knowledge rolls too in order to see who might know what about whom. Love it, it’s so simple! The more I GM Savage Worlds the more I like it. I can actually GM the game rather than have my head stuck in the rules book for virtually anything except combat. Even the players are beginning to pick up what is expected from them when I tell them to make this or that roll – it all just flows and doesn’t get in the way.

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I’m a Christian, a father, a husband, a biochemist (PhD), a photographer, a gardener, a lover of good rock music, food wine and beer, an ex-pat, a lousy pianist and a patent examiner.
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3 Responses to Who’s Lady Trelwyn?

  1. Sounds like a fun game. How did the conversion of the Fir Darrig go?

  2. Lord Karick says:

    Well, but I don’t want to post the stats just yet, the PCs have yet to deal with the rest of them. But despite the d10 Agility I gave them the knight managed to grab the one trying to pickpocket him using an opposed agility roll, lol. We ended up leaving it just as they started off from the inn to track them down, so more to follow in a couple of weeks. Bwuhaha!

  3. Lord Karick says:

    For “a couple of weeks” read “a couple of months” 😉 check out the latest post for the details Simon.

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