The Adventurer’s Prayer

Too good not to share. Came across this passage this morning in our devotional. My wife immediately identified it as a 3,000 year-old prayer against GMs 😉

The Aventurer’s Prayer – original image stolen from Andrew Olson

In case you can’t read the text:

God, get me out of here, away from this evil;
protect me from these vicious people.
All they do is think up new ways to be bad;
they spend their days plotting war games.
They practice the sharp rhetoric of hate and hurt,
speak venomous words that maim and kill.
God, keep me out of the clutch of these wicked ones,
protect me from these vicious people;
Stuffed with self-importance, they plot ways to trip me up,
determined to bring me down.
These crooks invent traps to catch me
and do their best to incriminate me.

Psalm 140:1-5 (The Message)


About Mike Page

I’m a Christian, a father, a husband, a biochemist (PhD), a photographer, a gardener, a lover of good rock music, food wine and beer, an ex-pat, a lousy pianist and a patent examiner.
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1 Response to The Adventurer’s Prayer

  1. Stephen says:

    Nice connection. Imagine the Saul hunting David epic as a campaign!
    Thanks for posting this!
    – Stephen

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