Armour or Armor

In the course of a discussion on the Savage Worlds forum, user Planecreek suggested that the SW armor might turn out a little weak for seasoned DW characters used to their all-protecting armour. Although he also thought that my rulings below might be a little OTT, here’s my knee-jerk on what Savage Legend Armour might look like. It’s not been tested yet, but as far as I can see it overcomes at least some of the criticisms whilst incorporating some of the potential weaknesses.

Wearing armour comes at a penalty. Although it offers significant protection, it also hampers the person wearing it. The following armour table indicates the type of armour (Type), the amount of protection it offers (Toughness Bonus), the weight (Wgt.), encumbrance level (Enc.) and any special effects. Armour Encumbrance is like standard encumbrance, affecting all Strength and Agility related Skills as well as Pace and Parry.

Armour descriptions can be taken from Wayne Imlach’s “Expanded Armour”.

Type Toughness Wgt. (lbs) Enc. Level Effect
None +0 0 0
Soft Leather +1 15 0
Hard Leather, Chain Vest +2 20 1
Mail Hauberk +3 25 1
Mail Armour +4 40 2
Plate Armour +5 50 2 Wearer gains ‘Hardy’ bonus vs. piercing or slashing weapons

Armour Proficiency
Requirements: Novice, Fighting d6, Agility d6, Strength d8
The character is used to wearing heavy armour and thus ignores one point of Armour Encumbrance.

Improved Armour Proficiency
Requirements: Seasoned, Armour Proficiency
The character is used to wearing heavy armour and thus ignores two points of Armour Encumbrance.

Note to self: Probably shouldn’t count armour to overall encumbrance as well as all this…

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