What’s the difference?

So what are the essential differences between the Dragon Warriors and Savage Worlds role playing games?

Dragon Warriors is: Savage Worlds is:
Setting-linked. The game and the setting were written together Setting neutral. The core rules were written as a generic RPG that could be used with any virtually any setting from any period.
Class-based. The characters choose at the beginning of the game what class or profession they want their character to be and from then it is essentially cast in stone how they progress up the career ladder; which skills and abilities they acquire when. Skill-based. Provided a character has the prerequisite attributes, they can pick up pretty much any skill at any point in the game.
Established. There is a canon of setting information, including a bestiary of creatures weird and wonderful, maps, alternative classes etc. An open book. Much of the bestiary etc. will have to be re-written as time progresses.
Sometimes confusing. The fighting mechanic is different from the dodging mechanic or magic resistance mechanic. Custom rules are tacked on for other situations (or not). Standardised mechanic. The standard mechanic of SW is essentially constant; if the character is trying to use a skill, they roll the appropriate die – if they roll a 4 they succeed, if someone is trying to prevent them from succeeding then the target number is modified (opposed roll).
Probably a dying breed. The valiant attempt by Magnum Opus Press to breathe life back into DW in the 00s only generated limited new interest in the game, most of the interest was from existing DW fans. A modern, thriving role-playing system with a large fan base.

Have I missed something? Probably.

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