Nab’han, the Grateful Assassin

What on earth is a Saracen assassin doing in northern Albion then? Well it’s like this: Nab’han is a native of the Caliphate of Zhenir. When Elathan and Elowyn first met him he was being protected from a lynch mob by the local priest in the village of Pillaton.

Twelve months before, Nab’han had been in the Principalities of the Crusades where his life was saved by Sir Pellowin, a crusading knight. Out of gratitude, Nab’han offered Sir Pellowin his services. Seven months later, the two set off on a two-month journey back to Albion so that Pellowin could take care of the estates left to him by his father. A month after arriving, Pellowin was treacherously killed by his cousin who had his eye on the land and riches that he’d been looking after in Pellowin’s place. Nab’han was initially captured but managed to escape from prison and remained on the run until the villagers of Pillaton mistakenly mistook him for a baby-snatching monster until the rest of the party were able to expose the real culrpit.

For all the character conversions I’m using ValhallaGH and Planecreek’s suggestions from the PEGINC forum.

DW Stats (Rank:4) SW Equivalent
Str: 8
Ref: 13
Int: 16
Psy: 11
Looks: 15
Str: d4
Agility: d8
Smarts: d8
Spirit: d6
Vigor: d6
Attack: 16
Defence: 9
Evasion: 6
Stealth: 20
Perception: 10
Mag. Def.: 7
Fighting: d8
Parry: 6
see Agility
Stealth: d10
Notice: d6
see Spirit
Skills & Abilities
Light Trance
Dark Trance
Water Trance
Shock Attack
Armour Piercing
mod. Fast Healer
mod. Mentalist
Fast and Silent (HF)
Climbing d6
Knowledge (Alchemy) d6
Sunder +1 (FC Dwarf)
Swim d4

Further Skills:

Shooting and Throwing d6. Lock-picking d4.

Hindrances and Edges:

Definitely Outsider Hindrance and Vow – he’s a strict follower of the Ta’ashim faith. Attractive (had a Looks score of 15).*


As well as possessing a Valandar sword, Nab’han has a pair of bracers allowing him to use a Boost Trait: Strength Power.


Using Asmor’s SW character generator, this build uses 6 points in attributes, 21 Skill points and 4 Edges. Essentially a seasoned character (15 points +3 for the Hindrances together with 4 advances plus a couple of points for fun).

Next: Elathan, a would-be knight.

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2 Responses to Nab’han, the Grateful Assassin

  1. Lord Karick says:

    *Just twigged that humans get another Edge on character generation. Gives me a couple of extra points for him.

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