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How The Adventure Deck Ruined My Plans (and made for an epic game session)

I just wanted to share an episode from yesterday’s game involving the adventure deck, something that we started using last year. So there’s a showdown.  On an icy bridge.  With a frost giant (this is actually taken from a Pathfinder … Continue reading

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The Adventure Pack

When we first switched from Dragon Warriors to Savage Worlds three years ago, the kids were quite a bit younger (9 years old). I think we played with the Savage Worlds Adventure Deck once and it wasn’t a great success. … Continue reading

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Firaxis and the art of GMing

Despite my advancing years (vintage ’68),  I still enjoy a good computer game. A couple of games that I’ve enjoyed more than I thought I would were the Firaxis titles “Sid Meier’s Pirates” and more recently their re-working of “XCOM: … Continue reading

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Creating the Illusion of Tension

We had a mammoth session on Sunday – about 7 hours. And it was also one of the best games in recent memory. Why? Because it was tense. The party had something to lose, and a very real possibility of … Continue reading

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Getting Ready to Get Back to the Table

So our summer hiatus is nearly over and I’m getting our group ready to get back to the table, back to the story. I’ve reminded the party members where they’d got to (after I reminded myself). It sounds as though … Continue reading

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Back to the Gaming Board

So Sunday sees us back at the gaming table with the original Savaged Dragon Warriors campaign. Back in December we started a 50 Fathoms campaign for when only the core group can make it, but this weekend we could schedule … Continue reading

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Notes from a Gaming Family

It’s Teach Your Kids to Game week over at ReachThruRPG, and as we game as a family, I thought I’d add my 2c-worth. I was introduced to the infamous Red Box Book Set 30 years ago at the tender age … Continue reading

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