Back to the Gaming Board

So Sunday sees us back at the gaming table with the original Savaged Dragon Warriors campaign. Back in December we started a 50 Fathoms campaign for when only the core group can make it, but this weekend we could schedule everyone in. The last session was back in November and so I’ve been racking my brain trying to remember what we were up to so that I could (a) recall the ins and outs for myself, and (b) write an e-mail to my players reminding them of where we’d got to. Player names. Check. Underlying mission. Check. Where they’d got to. Check. Details? Hmmm.

Skytale cipher - courtesy of Wikipedia

One of the props we’d used last time was a coded message with a scytale cipher. I couldn’t remember the exact wording and it was relevant to what was going to happen in the future, couldn’t find my notes either. Where was that damn rod? Ah there. Hang on, this doesn’t make any sense. Who’s been mucking about with my toys? Until my 10-year old daughter reminded me that the first words of the message were “Harbingers seek” (after nearly 2 months interlude) and that they’d inadvertently wrapped the message the wrong way round the rod, and so I needed to read it back to front.

Aha: “Harbingers seek to destabilise T and M. T possibly cuckolded. Increased raiding between U and A. St. Avaloc raided. Book gone. Whitecloaks abroad.” It’s all starting to make sense again (honest!). Thank God for 10-year old girls and their infallible memories, heh?

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I’m a Christian, a father, a husband, a biochemist (PhD), a photographer, a gardener, a lover of good rock music, food wine and beer, an ex-pat, a lousy pianist and a patent examiner.
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