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The Power of the Runes

When Isembard the dwarf was first rolled in Dragon Warriors, he ended up with 18 intelligence, leading us to an unusual background story involving the All Thumbs Hindrance. The PC’s owner now wants to bring in some rune magic and … Continue reading

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Mystics; One Man’s Mystic is Another Man’s Psionicist

…isn’t he? According to the Dragon Warriors Rulebook “A Mystic can be a formidable foe using only the power of his mind, setting little store by the wands and other occult fripperies of  Elementalists or Sorcerers.” So much of the … Continue reading

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Moving DW Magic to SW

On the one hand magic is the one thing that is probably most cumbersome to port from DW to SW, on the other hand only one member of my group uses magic at all, a Mystic, and so the only … Continue reading

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