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Firaxis and the art of GMing

Despite my advancing years (vintage ’68),  I still enjoy a good computer game. A couple of games that I’ve enjoyed more than I thought I would were the Firaxis titles “Sid Meier’s Pirates” and more recently their re-working of “XCOM: … Continue reading

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Musing on Maps

There is something incredibly satisfying about a map. The way symbols and signs promise wonderful landscapes and adventures untold. I can still vividly remember a geography lesson on map reading from my first year at secondary school some 33 years … Continue reading

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Creating the Illusion of Tension

We had a mammoth session on Sunday – about 7 hours. And it was also one of the best games in recent memory. Why? Because it was tense. The party had something to lose, and a very real possibility of … Continue reading

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What Is The Right Way To Play The Game?

Since I’ve got back into the RPG hobby (a little over two years ago), I’ve found that the game has changed considerably since my AD&D days in the mid 80s. For a start the number of game systems has exploded … Continue reading

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